Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You are so Beautiful

So on Saturday as I sat sewing my guts out getting ready for Fall Quilt Market. My Sewing Machine decided to not sew. It stopped and refused to start. So I patiently took the whole thing apart and oiled it and cleaned it and put it back together. And miraculously it still did not sew. So on Sunday I tried again I oiled it and took it apart and put it back together and this time it worked it sewed. Only this time the fabric wouldn't feed through. Well, I gave up for that day. Monday I figured out that the feed dogs had decided to not come up all the way anymore. I do lower and raise them a lot. Well, this machine is not super duper fabulous and I only paid about $200 for it so I decided it was not worth getting it fixed. Which led to me wanting to do this Because I went over to the trusty Bernina store and purchased This
Isn't it beautiful.  Thats what I thought too.  I haven't sewn on it yet.  I am afraid that when I do I won't be able to stop.  It is an Aurora 440 Quilters Edition.  I read the owners manual for 2 hours.  I read it over and over.  I put all my precious little presser feet in the little box and I laid in my bed with a smile on my face.  I also had a bit of a stomach ache because beautiful sewing machines do not cost $200.  Just so you know!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why, oh Why

So you know I have 5 kids. I didn't realize how much damage they could do. For some odd reason they really like to break things. Especially my things. And especially these three boys that I had right in a row. Usually they break things that mean a lot to me or that I really need. For example a few weeks ago they ruined my round brush that I use every day to do my hair. They totally smashed it. Or they ruin things with spray paint which if you go back far enough on this blog you can witness. Well, about a week or so ago my broom came up missing. So I bought a new one a couple days ago and low and behold if those little buggers didn't break that dang broom in half. I just do not know what would posess 3 little boys to break a broom in half, but I am not a little boy and I have never been a little boy so I guess I would never know. For lack of my camera being out of commission right now all you get is a picture of the broom I wish I had so I could fly away to a place where little boys do not break my stuff. Even my broom. Which I need to sweep up the crumbs that they leave all over the floor.

Hopefully my next post will be sooner and be full of happiness!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


About ten days ago My dads dog Gus and our dog Kate became the proud parents of 7 yes 7! Llewellin Setter puppies. Oh man are they cute. They are a little bit of a rare breed. You see my maiden name is Llewllyn. It is Welsch. These Setters are the only true breed of setters left in the world. We actually purchased ours from a very good kennel in Arkansas, and had them flown here as puppies. So here are some pics of the dad, he is the one in the kennel. The mom, she is the one my dad has a hold of. And of the cute little 7 dwarfs. In a few days I will post a few pics when their eyes get open. We love our Llewellin Setters. They are the best family/hunting dogs you could ask for. They are very loving and loyal.


Sunday, July 11, 2010


We have had a pretty fun summer. Spent a little time at Grandpas Cabin, a little time at the ball park (oh I mean a lot of time at the ball park) Done a little water sliding. And just a little general goofing off. This mom has not gotten anything done though. I am ready for some serious mom/sewing/time!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Go Check it out!

Hey go check out my other here and see what i've been up to!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Well, I have opened my own quilt pattern company. I know crazy huh! I think it's crazy anyway. For those of you that don't know, I have been designing quilts for Izzy & Ivy Designs a while now. Well, I am going out on my own. It will surely be an adventure. My new company is called Sweet Ruby Designsand I hope to be having a booth at Spring Quilt Market next year in Salt Lake City. Cross your fingers. I will soon be posting my patterns on the site over there so if you know anyone interested direct them my way. And say a prayer or two cuz I am sure I will need it.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Oh no I did not die. I know some of you might wish I had. But I am still here. I am just busy. I do a few things here and there you know. Here is a quick update on life. I got myself a new toy. A laptop. And it sure hasn't helped me blog more, but it has helped me try and straighten out the books at my husbands business. I have written 4 more quilt patterns that are supposed to be coming out at quilt market at the end of the month, but I am not sure if they are or not. The quilts will be there though and after market I will be sure and do a lovely post and show you how fab they are. At least I think they are fab. My children are playing a lot of sports. Baseball, soccer, dance. We are all over the place. One more dance competition to go and we are done with those. Kenadee has taken first place in her solo at every competition though. And that is quite exciting. She is in the top category for her age, so there is some tough competition. My baby is old. 7 months. She of coarse is still the cutest thing ever, and the best baby there ever was. She smiles always and shows off her dimples. She also sleeps 7 to 8 hours every night. I don't really deserve her. Oh, wait yes I do because I have those 3 crazy boys that spray paint my house and stuff. I also got this really cool camera and so here are some of the pics we have taken with it!