Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What do you do..........

What do you do with a child like this?
He looks deep in thought but I am sure he is just coming up with his next form of motherly torture.

He can also look so dashing in his new school attire, but behind it all is my greatest trial in life.
Oh yes, he looks so innocent. I know all about this innocense.
This year my dear monkey #1 made it a whole week before his teacher called me. This is probably a record. If only the things she had to say were good. But no, she only had the words you never want your teacher to say. They are " Monkey #1 threatened to beat me up today." Now I know that this is a serious thing to do. I kept my laughter all in. It was hard, considering my poor Monkey #1 is seriously behind on the growth thing. He weighs in at a whopping 41 lbs. and he is in 3rd grade. So you can see why this would want to make me roll on the floor.
Come to find out he wasn't finishing any of his school work besides threatening his teacher. I am not the kind of mom that thinks that this is acceptable behavior. So my whole labor day weekend was spent helping my little monkey to finish all that work that he hadn't done. Let me just tell you how much patience that takes. Too MUCH!!! He is doing much better now, after a change in meds, and a few visits with the principal.
This morning, as I was dropping him off to school, all my hard work paid off as he said "Goodby most gorgeous mom ever!" Now that is the way all kids should be.