Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What a week

Have you ever just wondered if your life is going to get better. I guess I really just mean calmer.
On Sunday my Great Grandma Huff passed away. She was 96!! For more about her visit my cousins blog So we have a funeral this week. Then Yesterday we found out my dear hubby has to have surgery. A few weeks ago he was really, really sick. I know this because he has only missed maybe 5 days of work, due to illness, in our 14 years of marriage. This man goes to work while puking even. Three of these sick days were taken in a row in that few weeks ago that he was soooo sick. After many tests and a trip to the hospital, they have figured out that he has gall stones. My hubby does not like to go to the doctor. He does not like the fact of going in for surgery. It took some serious talking to get him to even agree to this. Even after the doctor told him that he had most likely passed a gall stone, and that it makes it a little more serious. I am sure we will survive. Well, he will at least. I am not so sure about me. Taking care of him is worse than having all my kids sick at the same time.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Remember that boy...

  • Remember this boy..... Oh, yes its that Monkey #1 again. This is the conversation we had tonight.
    Me: Hey bud how was your soccer game?

    Him: Great!

    Me: Did you win?

    Him: It was a Metaphor!

    Me: (very puzzled) What?

    Him: you know mom a METAPHOR.

    Me: No, i guess I don't .

    Him: Metaphor means tie mom, you know, it was 1 to 1.

    Monkey #2: (he was observing all of this) "Yeah mom didn't you know that

    Me: Oh yeah I guess I forgot