Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our New BABY!!!!!

This morning about 5 am. Twinkle Toes' horse Shona had her baby!!! We have been waiting forever. (She was due on April 1) and of coarse she waits until we have a rainy night and day.
She is so cute!!! Nothing gets you out of bed in the morning like a baby horse. It is a philly (girl) by the way. So CUTE!!!! My littlest monkey wants to get right out there and ride it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Why i live at the circus

Tonight i was so politely reminded of why I live at the circus. First one of my friends came over to get a haircut. I don't usually do this at home, but she's going on vacation so her and her daughter came over. Well, right after I got done with the haircuts I happened to glance over to my mud room and noticed my little monkey #3 (wearing only his pj bottoms, which are shorts, and his cowboy boots) peeing in a chicken feeder bottle that happened to be on the floor in there. Mind you the bathroom was all of 2 feet away from him. Then he turned around with a proud as punch smile on his face. Oh, was I embarrased!!!! Then he just thought maybe he would eat the eggo that he had put in the toaster this morning. Here are the pictures of him trying to warm up his eggo. He almost spilled the leftover birthday cake that was on the stove-top.

Isn't he just so cute! Not today, is what I say. Right as this was happening my Middle Monkey leans over and says "Mom, did you know that in China you can eat as much rice as you want, and you can eat it all the time" What the heck, where does he get this stuff. Besides I am sure that I have a years supply of Minute rice in my pantry and if he wanted it for every meal that would be fine. It is a little nutricious, right. Oh I hope someone elses house is as crazy as mine.

What a Day

Yesterday was a very eventful day. First, off Monkey 2 turned the ripe old age of 6. Second, we decided to go to the zoo with 8 children. Third, i had a few projects that needed to be done by today. So, here we are at the zoo. Standing by the elephant statue. The zoo has made a few improvements since i was there last. New elephant home, a tiger habitat, and a baby giraffe.
We of coarse had to pose by every golden statue we could find.
Here we are on the train. Our auntie is taking a picture right back at us.
Now, we can get to the good stuff. Here is a quilt i just finished. It was a baby gift for my nephew Junior(who is now 16 months old) I finally got it done and bound and gave it to him yesterday. This was so fun to make! It is a stack and whack from buggy barn.
I found this kitty pattern on Amy Butlers website. It is a free download. Twinkle Toes has a Birthday Party to go to tonight. So last night we whipped up this cutie.

Isn't he cute!!
Then I am meeting with one of my friends for lunch today. Her bday was on the 9th. So I made her this swing bag from amy butler. It turned out way cuter than the one I made for me. Hope she likes it.
So yesterday was very eventful. I actually accomplished some things though. Which for me is a big deal. I am the queen of procrastination. Like right now when I should be getting ready for work. But, my brain says I still have 5 minutes so why hurry.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well i was just getting ready to post a finished (well almost)project and got a little too excited. I pushed the wrong key. This is where the stupid part comes in. It was one of those smack yourself in the forehead moments.

This is my everything has its season wall-hanging. As you can see it is only in need of binding. Which I HATE BINDING!!!!!! I have probably 3 quilt and 2 or 3 wall hangings that need binding at this very moment. AHHHH. But my sister brought this back from her having quilted it. She did a beautiful job by the way. I do think i will tea dye it a bit. What do you think? I love to stitch and am running out of patterns. Please share with me some ideas. Especially you Di. Because you are so inspirational to me in the quilting area. But i am wondering where to put it. I can't give it away because it was my post-operative project. Which means i did this after i had knee surgery in december, and couldn't walk for 6 weeks. So some of it may be flawed due to the drugs. Oh, well I am proud anyway.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Twinkle Toes and other stuff.

This is my beautiful, newly arranged wall. It was very much in need of some decorating help before today. But my wonderful fristers saved me and fixed it. Now i can have peace in my soul that that wall is not ugly. We have only lived in our new house for about 4 months and that wall was a very upsetting place for me. And yes I said frister not sister. There is a difference, I will explain some other time!!
So here she is, my only daughter Twinkle Toes. She is a ham as you can tell, and is always striking a pose, twirling, spinning, and doing a miriad of other dance moves that I do not know the names of, but I can assure you that she does. You would think after 8 to 10 hours of dance per week she would be tired of it, but not my Twinkle Toes, she dances from sun up to sun down. I am pretty sure she probably does it in her sleep too, by the looks of her hair in the morning, which is usually a very large mess!
Here is my wonderful little Monkey in the Middle. He recently lost a tooth, as you can see. He was very excited! I got the wonderful experience of pulling it out, which is not usually my job. I leave that up to his dad, but dad wasn't home and that tooth was ready to come out, so I bucked up and pulled it out. He is very sweet. Recently he took some advice that his grandma was giving to Monkey #1, and now uses it to his advantage. She was telling Monkey 1 that if he would tell his mom how beautiful and wonderful she was that he might get more of the things that he wants. Well of coarse monkey 1 was not paying any attention to this, and unbeknownst to us this middle monkey was paying attention and now i am sure that i am the most beautiful and wonderful person on the planet, as i get told this often by my little middle monkey!

And last but not least, here is Monkey 1. He got baptized today, can you believe it. I sure can't. It was a wonderful day. His dad did a wonderful job, and so did everyone that helped me out with the program. It couldn't have been better. Monkey 1 even paid attention through all the talks and everything, which is a major accomplishment for him. It was great. We had lunch afterward and everyone brought great stuff for our taco bar. I thought it turned out very well.
Now on to an important subject. My dear hubby needs a blog name and I need suggestions. I called him Bozo at one time, and boy was I in deep doodoo for that. I am now just at a loss. So give up some suggestions for me!! Oh, by the way sorry about the picture, I am not sure how to rotate, as we all know i am a computer-tard!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Whats for Dinner?

So you may notice that i have added a Recipe of the week to my blog. I am usually very anal about dinner. I make a menu at the end of one month for the next month. Then I rip out all the recipes and make sure that i have the ingredients or that they are on my list. You see in my life there is only one day a month scheduled for the grocery store. I am pretty good at sticking to my menu, that is except for this week, because i have not graced the store with my presence yet this month. So tonight we had the dinner of champions. Fish sticks and potatoes out of the box. I will say that these potatoes are really good. My sweet mother went to the Sam's club for me today and saved my house from this kind of dinner again for a few days.

How do I only go to the store once a month you ask?? Well, here are my tricks. First of all we have Winder Dairy who brings the milk once a week, so there's one problem solved. Second, I have these great things from tupperware that you can put your produce in to keep it fresh longer. Of coarse by the end of the month apples and bananas and such are non-existent. Then I just buy lots of bread and freeze it. If you have never done this I will just let you know that it really works. You just have to remember to take it out and let it thaw on the counter for a while.

So back to the recipe, my sister suggested this. I thought it was a fun idea so we will try it. I do love to cook and I like new recipes. This recipe is an old standby. My kids love it. Especially monkey #1 (who is my oldest boy) and let me tell you he is hard to please. These tacos are really not that spicy, it is just that he calls them that. So hopefully you will all try it and let me know how it goes. Maybe I will remember to do a new one next week. We will see since my brain only works some of the time.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The PJ Monster

This is one of my 3 little monkeys. He feels the need to wear his pj's all the time. I know what you're thinking, that I am one of those moms who goes to the store with her kid in his pj's. Well, this is not so. I make him get dressed every time he leaves the house and much to my dismay the minute we get home he changes his clothes into his comfy pj's. I would really like to change this, but what do you do. He is my last little monkey and he gets away with murder!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Camera!!!

I am so excited I just ordered a new camera today. The reason there are no pictures on my blog is because I lost the cord to my camera.(i ordered a new cord also) But i am getting a new camera soon so hopefully i will be able to picture up my blog soon. Sometime i will figure out how to put other stuff on. I am a computer-tard. Anyway my camera is a Canon powershot A720. I hope its good. I have owned a powershot so hopefully it will be easy to learn how to use the new one. My dear Bozo does not know about this purchase yet. He will probably not notice.