Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well i was just getting ready to post a finished (well almost)project and got a little too excited. I pushed the wrong key. This is where the stupid part comes in. It was one of those smack yourself in the forehead moments.

This is my everything has its season wall-hanging. As you can see it is only in need of binding. Which I HATE BINDING!!!!!! I have probably 3 quilt and 2 or 3 wall hangings that need binding at this very moment. AHHHH. But my sister brought this back from her having quilted it. She did a beautiful job by the way. I do think i will tea dye it a bit. What do you think? I love to stitch and am running out of patterns. Please share with me some ideas. Especially you Di. Because you are so inspirational to me in the quilting area. But i am wondering where to put it. I can't give it away because it was my post-operative project. Which means i did this after i had knee surgery in december, and couldn't walk for 6 weeks. So some of it may be flawed due to the drugs. Oh, well I am proud anyway.


Busty LaRue said...

woo-hoo! Go Jenny! I love your quilt. Binding isn't that bad, is it? It is one of my favorite parts because I can sit down in front of the TV and bind while I watch. Good luck!

Hey It's Di said...

Oh great! You don't want my fabulous quilting ideas? What the. . . OK, I'll just keep all of those new techniques and patterns and stuff all tucked away in my little brain some more. Sheesh!

Someday somebody will appreciate me:D

Molly said...

I didn't see any mistakes when I quilted it. When you are making a small project like that you could sew the binding to the front before I quilt it if you wanted. That way it is already for the handstitching, and when you sit down to watch whatever you watch on TV, you can bind it.

Bonny said...

ooo nice wall hanging thingy! It might be nice to not walk for 6 weeks..then i could do a fun project. I like to bind in front of the tv too.

Neil said...

I didn't know you had surgery. What kind of faughter are you anyway? You could have been emailing me everyday!! HMMMMMM.

Cute wallhanging..can't wait to see it in person. FUM

Hey It's Di said...

Hey! What happened to your different bloggy background? Just testing things out are you:)

I always know you are kidding & that you would LOVE my quilting ideas. . yeah right! I have none! heehee!