Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So today I had to run to 2 different beauty supply stores. These stores are not for children. There are signs even. So in my desperation to keep my three monkeys happy I stopped by the Dairy Queen. I know what you are thinking. (She is Crazy) You are right. As the nice Dairy Queen lady was handing me out 3 of the giantist Small vanilla cones I had ever seen. I said "Oh my gosh I am nuts" the Dairy Queen lady must have thought so to as she handed me a giant stack of napkins. As I handed Monkey #3 his ice cream he totally freaked out. It was just too big for him. WHAT! An ice cream cone that is to big. Are you kidding me! I had to have the lady scoop half of it off before he would accept it. Sometimes I wonder what the heck is up with those kids.
So as I am driving I am trying really hard to not look into the back seat. I just knew what was going to happen. But after a few minutes I couldn't help it, I just had to look.
So who can tell me WHY oh WHY little children cannot eat their ice cream cone in a symmetrical way. Why oh Why do they only eat one side? This is one of those questions we mothers ask and I don't think we will ever know the answer.
Anyway the only one doing that was little monkey #3 and once I pointed out that he needed to eat the other side too he was fine. I am a proud mother to tell you that I only had a few little drops of ice cream in my car and Monkey #1 cleaned them right up. It was a historic day in the history of Ice Cream Eating.