Thursday, May 29, 2008

All the Sadness

I am weeping, as I am sure all of you are that waste your time coming to my blog. My internet has been down forever. Since my last post anyway. I have a repairman coming finally on Saturday. So Sorry. I am borrowing my moms computer right now. I am hoping to receive my socks soon!!! Have you got yours? Today is the last day of school so that makes me weep also. Now I have to have a lot more structure in my life. Well, soon I will have pictures and fun to make up for the last few weeks of nothingness. And I hope to be done weeping too!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Better Day

This has been a much better week. First off i got a pedicure (which every mom of 3 monkey boys needs). Just look at these cute toes!! Too bad that soon they will be covered with some funky socks!!! Then I got some new nails. I admit I am totally addicted to my fingernails. I haven't been without them for some 13 years or so. I really need them. I use them all the time. I think I should be able to write them off (what do you think Di) because I use them at work all the time, in fact I am a lot better at my job when I have them all.
Then I got me this new stylin hair-do

Then to top it all off this beatiful piano arrived today. My Grandma gave it to me and we got the piano movers hired and here she is. I am so excited about it. It really needs a good tune job, but it is beautiful to me. I am sure it is some kind of an antique, it used to have a player in it you know.
Then another wonderful thing happened. Coldplay(they are a band for you losers that don't know) came out with 2 new songs and I ran home and loaded them into my itunes right away. If I can figure it out I am going to put them on here, so you can all listen to the wonderful tunes.

Sock Crazy??

So if you have not been to the Smiling infidel blog, I suggest you go there quick and sign up for the sock exchange!!! It will be so fun!!! I already ordered my socks and you will want them!!! Check my sidebar for the link.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Vandalosers

Sorry, I have been absent from blog world lately. Maybe it was due to my crappy week. This is a lovely picture of what my week started out with.
I have these 2 boys who are now dubbed the vadalosers. These pics are just two of the many places that black spray paint ended up in my brand new house.

There were many other places, but I have gotten rid of most of it now. These lovely boys of mine did this at 10 o'clock last sunday night. I was in my sewing room trying to meditate, and also thinking of how quiet my house was with all the children in bed. Then my husband who was out with the horses came in and asked me if I had seen my boys or my house. No, I said.

He proceded with the grand tour of my newly painted walls, carpet, beds, dresser, countertop, cabinet and 3 (yes I said 3) pairs of my SHOES!!!! Also some of my jewelry. These very lovely children had gotten themselves into the bathtub. They were also covered in paint, hence the black handprints. Well, to keep me from prison, my husband ushered me away from them, and he scrubbed their little vandaloser bodies with paint thinner.

So all of my week has been spent in severe punishment. Not only of the boys, but of coarse it is punishment for me since I have to watch their every move, and make sure they are scrubbing every inch of the floor, which they have done twice this week.

You would never have guessed that these two would be little vandals. Would You?