Thursday, January 21, 2010


Thoughts for today

*I like to eat broccoli, but my gall bladder does not.

*I think everyone should wear polka dot pajamas and mismatched socks.

*It should either snow a lot or the sun should come out.

*Fabric makes me smile.

Over Christmas break my cousin and his fam came to visit. It was like being on a staycation. We had a fab time doing things with them. One day we went to Soldier Hollow to go tubing. Here we all are after they got done with their fun times.

These two cuties posed for this pic at the fam christmas party for me. Don't they have big muscles.

I cannot believe how big my little baby is getting. She has found her hands and now constantly eats them. I should be humble about her but I can't. I think she is the cutest thing ever, and I spoil her rotten. And I don't even care.

Monday, January 11, 2010


So the past few Sundays I have been giving my husband this lecture on going to church. I start out with the line "I have made an executive decision, We are not going to miss church anymore." I go on and on and then I get into the part about how if we want blessings that we need to get up and get going and all that jazz.
Well this Sunday wasn't any different. We got to church, made it through the whole thing. Got out to the car. Put the key in and nothing. The battery was dead. I have been having a little bit of a car issue lately. I had to have my doors all fixed and then that led to the light and the dinger not turning off ever. Well, I guess the light had decided to come on while we were in church.
My dear husband decided to walk home and get his truck to come and jump us. We only live about 5 blocks away so don't be feeling to bad. I guess he got home to find that his truck had a dead battery. Lucky for us (maybe that is not quite the right term) my grandma lives in an apartment attached to our house. She is in Califonia visiting my uncle for a month. Brandon ran over and got her keys to borrow her car. Any of you that have seen my hubby know that he is quite a large guy. Especially compared to my smallish grandma. So when he climbed in her car he hit his head on her garage door opener. He didn't realize what he had hit his head on. He continued to back out of the garage and of course the garage door was going down from the head hitting. So the back of grandmas car is now missing the fin and has some nice scratches up the trunk. The garage door is nice and rounded and had to be put back on track. Lucky for us it does go up and down now and doesn't look to bad after some banging.
He did finally make it back to get us at the church. Luckily it wasn't too cold and no one noticed us (the mechanics family) sitting in our car that was not running. The first words out of his mouth were. "What about all those blessings for going to church!" Pictures to follow

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Year

Oh the new year is here. My new year is totally going to be soooo different than last year. First off my friend talked me into going to Zumba at the Community Center with her. It is 3 times a week at 6:30 in the morning. It is super fun. But man is my butt sore, and my legs, and my stomach, and pretty much all of me. I guess that means it is working. I am not motivated to get up and go to things, but if someone is picking me up then I will go.

Next big change.......... My husband owns his own business and it has become necessary for my to work in his office for him. I don't really mind. I mean it is our livelyhood. The only downfall to this is that I am not really a scheduled kind of a person. You know I really am a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl. I like to just flit around town and visit all my friends. Hang out at the flower shop and the quilt shop and do whatever my little heart desires.

I do clean my house, and cook, and be a mom sometimes....

So now I get to be a REAL grown up. I have to do the laundry at a certain time and all the other chores. And I have to get up. I hope I can figure this out. Thank goodness I have a angel for a baby. I mean her middle name is Angela, she ought to be an angel. So wish me luck on my journey of working everyday, I will try to not hurt my husband while I am with him constantly.