Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Toot! Toot!

I don't do this very often. Or, maybe I do and I just don't want to know that I do. Anyway. Here it is. My horn.
Have any of you seen this

It is the Poppin' Posies Quilt from Izzy n Ivy. Designed by Me, Myself, and I. Yes, me!!! I am lucky enough to have some fabulous friends that let me ride their coat tails and design quilts for their pattern company. I absolutely love quilting. I love to figure out what little piece I want to go where. I actually dream about them at night.
I should have about 5 more quilt patterns coming out at Spring Quilt Market this Spring. For you non quilty people Quilt Market is where all the quilt shops go to purchase all the new fabrics and patterns for the upcoming season, and if you want to get your patterns known in the quilty world that is where you go. Izzy n Ivy had a booth at fall Market, but I was not there due to the fact that Ava was about 2 days old. The booth was phenomenol and won Best New Booth Award.

I always think that I am going to put more of my quilting things on my blog but I never do. I am going to try harder though. First I have to remember to take pics of things. I should now though because I have a fab new camera to do that with. Anywho go and check out all the cutest patterns that Izzy n Ivy have and where to purchase them!!!