Monday, November 17, 2008


I've been tagged. Actually i've been tagged twice and I have been so busy I haven't had time to post. The Second tag was "Your 4th picture in your 4th file"

This is Cooper, Kiran, and Kellen having a popsicle after some serious water sliding. It was actually my second picture in this file because there were only two. It makes me want the warm weather back. I want to tag Molly, Abbey, and Bonny.

The first tag I got was called 8 things.

8 TV shows I like

1. House

2.Criminal Minds

3.CSI (just the original)


5.Amazing Race



8.Anything that is not UFC or Spongebob

8 things that happened yesterday

1.I got out of bed

2.I made a baby quilt for my friend Kristy

3.We went to church

4.I actually got Cooper to go to Nursery

5.I tried to stay awake in Relief Society

6. I did not have a Pepsi

7. I did not have to cook dinner, it was my aunts turn.

8. I got another bad headache.

8 favorite places to eat

1.Texas Roadhouse



4.Pizza Factory

5.Mi Rancherito

6.Ruby River

7.Sensuous Sandwich

8.Rumbi Grill

8 things i'm looking forward to

1.Having all the quilts in my sewing room done. HA! HA!



4.Having trees in my yard

5.Making a headboard for my bed

6. Yes, Christmas, I love to give gifts

7. Seeing my newest neice next weekend

8.Sleeping tonight (hopefully without a headache)

8 things on my wish list

1.Getting my kids to pick up without yelling

2.My husband to help me with our ward Xmas party

3.Getting out of debt

4. Finishing my basement

5.A new suburban

6.No more headaches

7.My dog Jersey to have puppies

8. A whole day to sew without interuption.

8 People I tag

Lola, Angel, Lynsey, Diana, Rachel, Heidi, Abbey, and Joanna.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What a week

Have you ever just wondered if your life is going to get better. I guess I really just mean calmer.
On Sunday my Great Grandma Huff passed away. She was 96!! For more about her visit my cousins blog So we have a funeral this week. Then Yesterday we found out my dear hubby has to have surgery. A few weeks ago he was really, really sick. I know this because he has only missed maybe 5 days of work, due to illness, in our 14 years of marriage. This man goes to work while puking even. Three of these sick days were taken in a row in that few weeks ago that he was soooo sick. After many tests and a trip to the hospital, they have figured out that he has gall stones. My hubby does not like to go to the doctor. He does not like the fact of going in for surgery. It took some serious talking to get him to even agree to this. Even after the doctor told him that he had most likely passed a gall stone, and that it makes it a little more serious. I am sure we will survive. Well, he will at least. I am not so sure about me. Taking care of him is worse than having all my kids sick at the same time.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Remember that boy...

  • Remember this boy..... Oh, yes its that Monkey #1 again. This is the conversation we had tonight.
    Me: Hey bud how was your soccer game?

    Him: Great!

    Me: Did you win?

    Him: It was a Metaphor!

    Me: (very puzzled) What?

    Him: you know mom a METAPHOR.

    Me: No, i guess I don't .

    Him: Metaphor means tie mom, you know, it was 1 to 1.

    Monkey #2: (he was observing all of this) "Yeah mom didn't you know that

    Me: Oh yeah I guess I forgot

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What do you do..........

What do you do with a child like this?
He looks deep in thought but I am sure he is just coming up with his next form of motherly torture.

He can also look so dashing in his new school attire, but behind it all is my greatest trial in life.
Oh yes, he looks so innocent. I know all about this innocense.
This year my dear monkey #1 made it a whole week before his teacher called me. This is probably a record. If only the things she had to say were good. But no, she only had the words you never want your teacher to say. They are " Monkey #1 threatened to beat me up today." Now I know that this is a serious thing to do. I kept my laughter all in. It was hard, considering my poor Monkey #1 is seriously behind on the growth thing. He weighs in at a whopping 41 lbs. and he is in 3rd grade. So you can see why this would want to make me roll on the floor.
Come to find out he wasn't finishing any of his school work besides threatening his teacher. I am not the kind of mom that thinks that this is acceptable behavior. So my whole labor day weekend was spent helping my little monkey to finish all that work that he hadn't done. Let me just tell you how much patience that takes. Too MUCH!!! He is doing much better now, after a change in meds, and a few visits with the principal.
This morning, as I was dropping him off to school, all my hard work paid off as he said "Goodby most gorgeous mom ever!" Now that is the way all kids should be.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The trouble with Sheep

These plus
This =A lovely black eye. The trouble with being married to a cowboy man is that the little monkeys think they should be cowboys too. Recently our town had its little buckaroo rodeo. This is a rodeo where only kids participate. My 2 oldest monkeys decided that riding sheep was a great cowboy thing to do (that is until they were bucked off, layed on, and trampled!) Monkey #2 got this great prize after losing grip on his sheep! We talked him into thinking that is was cool though, and then he was as proud as any cowboy could be.
We also met up with our real hometown cowboy, Jess Davis. I am pretty sure he rides bareback. And no that doesn't mean he just rides around on a horse with he back all bare. It is a event in the rodeo. He rides professionally and is ranked #2 in the world, I think. Well, Monkey #3 saw all the commotion of autographs and pictures and decided that he needed a picture too.
Then he decided he needed to be a cowboy. So up he went onto Twinkle Toes' horse. I am such a good cheerleader for Twinkle Toes that I didn't even get a picture of her. She did 2 events in the rodeo. First she did the poles, which is an event where you weave your horse in and out of a row of poles as fast as you can, then she competed in the barrel racing. She did so awesome, especially considering she was the youngest in her age catagory of 11-15. She took 5th in the poles and 7th in the barrels. I didn't even get a shot of the Bearded Lady. I should have he was all dolled up in his cowboy finest.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh the slacker that I am

So I have been a total blog slacker. There are no excuses for my slackiness. I just am a slacker. Thats it enough said.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer is coming to a close

The good times are almost gone.

For some reason I am glad. Maybe because this week has consisted of (and it only gets worse) too much stuff. Three days of dancing workshops and auditions for Twinkle Toes. Three days of Soccer camp for the boys. Practice for the upcoming Rodeo that Twinkle Toes and her brothers will be in. Scouts. Church Activity. School shopping. And to top it all off it is our City Celebration week. There are activities every night and some in the day all of this week.

So, we did most of Twinkle Toes school shopping online (thank goodness), but I had to take the boys to get shoes. This was sooooo not fun. The mall+ a frazzled mom+ three boys= A even more frazzled mom. We did accomplish the task. New shoes for three boys, even though the youngest will not be in school this year, some pants, and some shirts. I also bought Twinkle Toes some shoes. Wrong size, what the heck. So I made 2 trips to the mall today with those boys. I do not like to shop for school. That is all there is too it.

The only good thing about school is that I get my sanity back. A schedule. I am sooooo much better when on a schedule. In these weeks before school I have been known to have panic attacks. I don't know why. Maybe my internal timer just knows that I cannot take anymore. I will be sad though. And who knows what I am to do with Monkey #3 when all the others are gone all day.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Best Helpers

Don't mind that my Laundry/Sewing room is a bit messy. Here is a great view of me trying to do some quilting. Monkey #3 thought he would come in and help a bit.
What do you do with those quilts that are laying around waiting for binding? You toss them on the floor for the helpers to relax on, and before you know it they are asleep. My little dog Jersey just found this spot and plopped right onto Monkey #3.

I did get something accomplished this time.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quilt giveaway

Make sure to go to Old Red Barn Co. and sign up to win a cute quilt.


Yes, it is true this last week I left the age of 32.

I have been too busy. I have been working, sewing, and trying to entertain the little circus people. In the midst of all the craziness I did find time to have a birthday. I got some fab gifts.

The Angel in my life gave me these awesome dishtowels. The ones on the right she even made herself. The bottle is full of dish soap. What a cute way to be able to leave it out on the counter.
My children, with the help of my mom of coarse, gave me this book. It is called The Host, by Stephanie Meyer. I can't wait to get into it. My mom gave me a bunch of stuff, including these chocolates. Yum, Yum. She also gave me the windchime that is shown below, and some much needed kitchen supplies from the Pampered Chef. She also brought me fresh cinnamon rolls for breakfast and went shopping with me. She is Great!!! I bought myself the new shoes. I think you should always be able to purchase something for yourself on your B-day.
My Aunt also crocheted these dishrags for me. She knows I love them. And the little wood things are used to hang a quilt up on your wall. The knobs unscrew and then you stick the quilt between the blocks of wood. I will sure be putting these to good use.

So it turned out pretty good, even though my dear Bearded Lady husband purchased a lawn mower and no birthday presents. What is up with men anyway!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I know I am a slacker

If you read Lola Again then you know that she has a friend opening a Quilt shoppe. Well, she is my friend too, and I also have been drawn in by the many bolts of fabric. I have been working hard at making samples for her shop, and at helping her organize. It has been so fun!! While I have been having all this fun my blog has been totally neglected. I will soon have some fun pictures of all the stuff that i have made for her shop.

This week I have heard some interesting things:

Monkey #3 informed me that I had 2 belly buttons and so did he. In his own words. "Mom yous belly buttons are big, mine are wittle" Go figure, I guess its time monkey 3 won't be seeing his mom without her shirt on anymore.

My little niece Pinkie informed her mom some great stuff. In her own words " Mom, Jenny is the best isn't she" of coarse her mom said yes. Then she made the mistake of asking her dad. His reply was " well, that depends" How rude!! I am after all the best. This little neice also thinks I am a princess super model. Once when she went by Victorias Secret she informed her mom that it was "Jenny's store" because of the super model pictures on the front of the store. I know what you are thinking. That I must run around in my laciness. This is not the case. It is just that I am so beautiful! HA HA!

Twinkle Toes has decided that she knows more about driving than I do. While going up the canyon this weekend, I was trying to put my suburban into 4 wheel drive. She was being a very nice backseat driver and telling me how to do this. She also has decided to be the speed limit police. Not funny. Especially since she is only 11.

Well, thats all for now. Hopefully I will have time to get those pictures of the cutest quilt shop ever up soon.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I know I have Lost my Marbles

Okay so really it was Monkey #1 that fell, and they did glue his wound shut not open.

What can I say
I am delirious these days.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Holy Crap Again!!

Can I just tell you that I have HAD IT!!!!

I cannot take anymore.

This cute boy pictured here with my sister, is the latest victim of the evil fairy that lives here.
On Saturday while in the front yard dancing for money (don't ask) this little monkey #3 fell off of the bed of his dads truck, and yes, cut open his head. So it was off to the hospital again.
He was screaming so much that I guess they decided to glue the gash open instead of giving him stitches.
I am sure the amout of money we have spent this month at the Doctor or hospital would make you sick.
Did I say that already?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Holy Crap!!!!!!

I really think that the , Could you go to the doctor one more time, fairy has been hovering over my house. I really wish she would leave. I am out of co-pay money. Thank goodness for our Health Insurance. It costs us an arm and a leg, no pun intended, but its a good thing we have had it. First off my monkey #1 had a terrible allergic reaction to some weeds and his eyeball swelled up rediculously huge. Not only was the outside of his eye looking like someone had punched him, but the white of his eye was swollen over the colored part of his eye. I rushed him over to the instacare, which is just a clinic that is open later, and the doctor there just did a lot of freaking me out. He took one look in his eye and said "you need to go to the ER immediately" Then he leaves the room, gets on the phone with an ER doctor and says that he thinks his ey6e might burst. I am in the other room but can hear him and I am thinking HOLY CRAP!! So they gave him a shot of Benedryl and sent me to the ER. They rushed us right back and then ended up just giving me a perscription for eye drops. What a waste of energy.

So that was on a Saturday, we actually went a whole week before my DH, The bearded Lady, came home from his team roping event. He walked in the house very slowly and me, being the nice wife that I am, just began laughing. I know I am insensitive. Turns out he had fallen off of his horse in the midst of throwing the winning catch. I guess he was more like pulled off. I will not try to explain the ins and outs of team roping. Just try to imagine a big Cowboy guy being pulled off his horse, with his rope around a cow, and he was holding on to the rope.

Well , he went to the doctor and has 3 cracked ribs. I did feel a little sorry for him after that, but not too much. He is a man after all. And this is a recreational activity.

Lets see that was on Saturday, So now lets move on to Tuesday night. I know you are thinking this will never end. Sorry!

Tuesday night I was doing my motherly duty of trying to get Monkey #3 to eat his dinner. Of coarse, nothing was working. I had told the kids that if they ate their dinner I would take them to get snowcones. So we were getting ready to leave. Monkey #3 was not taking the bait, and still refused to eat. I'm not sure what happened next but it ended with Monkey #3 on the floor with a barstool on top of him. My barstools are no ordinary stools.

They are made from wrought iron and wood. They are really sturdy, but those monkeys can climb up anything and knock it over I guess. Well, Monkey #3 whom we will now call Tonto the indian brave, ended up scalping himself. No, I am not exaggerating. After another trip to the ER Tonto has more stitches than can be counted. He was literally scalped.

He has stitches under his scalp halfway back on his head and then a lovel row of them across the front. I bet the doctor stitched for at least an hour.

It is now my job to get that fairy out of here. I have had enough of the ER for a lifetime.

Finally, Passing on the Good Fortune

I am finally getting around to passing on my You Make Me Laugh Award.

Drum Roll

The winners are

1. The Zoo Bonnie the Boss is always getting a good laugh from me. She has 5 children including some twins, and her life with her boys is a lot like mine. Thanks for all the laughs

2. Lynsey Lou knee Deep in Poo Need I say More

3. Smokin Hot Mama My sister, is pregnant with her 3rd. Needs some blogging encouragement. Hope this does the trick.

Thanks to all you bloggers out there. It is so fun to have all these friendships.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Oh my gosh, what do I say. I would like to thank all the people who helped me to achieve this great award. Especially Jellybelly who gave it to me.

I have never won any awards before. And I mean any. This was great. It made my day. I love you Jellybelly.

In other news, I finished 2 projects today. I am very proud.

This is a cute pillow. I just planned on doing this for myself. But I decided it was too cute for me so I am giving it to someone. (Can't tell who, but her birthday is tomorrow).Have I ever mentioned that I have a passion for pincushions. I love them. They are so fun. I made this one today. It was so easy, I might even make it again sometime. It has a cute little yo-yo on top.While I was hard at work. The dogs were not. This is my little Oscar. He is a Shih tzu. (not sure of the spelling) I love him! He fell asleep in this bag today. It was just so funny. When he was a puppy I used to pack him around in my purse. He must just have remembered all the comfy naps he took in there.And here is Jersey. She was napping, but when she saw the camera she jumped right up to say "cheese".

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Here

My new sewing machine arrived today. It is great!! Well, so far anyway. I haven't done much with it but open the box, and read the instruction book. I did thread it and try out a few stitches. So far so good. Maybe it will make me a wonder sewer and all my projects will get finished. Even the 4 quilt patterns I bought on a little quilt shop excursion I went on today. I will have to share them soon. They are so cute. Most of them are by Thimbleblossoms. Check them out. I think she has a blog or a website. Cute stuff!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Sox are Faster than your Sox

I finally got around to getting pictures of my fab socks up!! I love them how did Tricia from know that I have a passion for knee socks. I am sure to get things done faster in these babies. I am sure that if I ever run out of work to do that I could get a job as a rodeo clown. Maybe these fab socks will inspire me to use my bike a little more. I am sure the pedals will go faster while wearing them.
They are also great for just hanging around and kicking up your feet. Sorry about the yucky legs. These socks would be just knee socks on a normal person, but I am only 5'1" so I get the added joy of the thigh high.

Loved the sock swap, and can't wait for the next one!!!!

Sewing Bliss

This is my new sewing machine. I ordered it from amazon yesterday. I am sooooo excited. Now don't get me wrong I love my other sewing machine. It is a 1950 Singer Featherweight. It has served me well. I mostly just quilt so it is all I have ever really needed, but these days I have been trying my hand at purses, and maybe I will try a skirt soon. So I thought I might need a machine that did more than just straight stitch. This one does lots of stitches, and it has a table thing that hooks to it for free motion quilting. It should be arriving on Saturday. Can't wait!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Day!!!!

Guess what I have internet. I really don't know what I did back in the ice ages before there was this wonderful world-wide web. Well, now I have to make up for the lost time.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of the Loch Ness Monster or maybe Big foot? Well, I have captured a few images of the Queen Bee. She sometimes appears at the floral/salon where I work although few people have been able to aquire any proof. I was one of the lucky ones.

HA! HA! Actually this Queen "B" is at work all the time but she was dodging my camera. I did what I could to capture her. These were clear back on Mothers Day. We were just having a grand time, what with all the millions of flowers everywhere.

The other "B's" were much nicer about their pictures. As you can see we are all so happy.

There must have been some hyped up pollen in there. Or maybe the flowers are so beautiful that we cannot be. I really don't know who these people are, I thought I had a picture of me and Lola, but surely these two are not us.

Hope you get to see this Vicki, sorry so late in getting it up. Check in tomorrow for some sock fun!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

All the Sadness

I am weeping, as I am sure all of you are that waste your time coming to my blog. My internet has been down forever. Since my last post anyway. I have a repairman coming finally on Saturday. So Sorry. I am borrowing my moms computer right now. I am hoping to receive my socks soon!!! Have you got yours? Today is the last day of school so that makes me weep also. Now I have to have a lot more structure in my life. Well, soon I will have pictures and fun to make up for the last few weeks of nothingness. And I hope to be done weeping too!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Better Day

This has been a much better week. First off i got a pedicure (which every mom of 3 monkey boys needs). Just look at these cute toes!! Too bad that soon they will be covered with some funky socks!!! Then I got some new nails. I admit I am totally addicted to my fingernails. I haven't been without them for some 13 years or so. I really need them. I use them all the time. I think I should be able to write them off (what do you think Di) because I use them at work all the time, in fact I am a lot better at my job when I have them all.
Then I got me this new stylin hair-do

Then to top it all off this beatiful piano arrived today. My Grandma gave it to me and we got the piano movers hired and here she is. I am so excited about it. It really needs a good tune job, but it is beautiful to me. I am sure it is some kind of an antique, it used to have a player in it you know.
Then another wonderful thing happened. Coldplay(they are a band for you losers that don't know) came out with 2 new songs and I ran home and loaded them into my itunes right away. If I can figure it out I am going to put them on here, so you can all listen to the wonderful tunes.

Sock Crazy??

So if you have not been to the Smiling infidel blog, I suggest you go there quick and sign up for the sock exchange!!! It will be so fun!!! I already ordered my socks and you will want them!!! Check my sidebar for the link.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Vandalosers

Sorry, I have been absent from blog world lately. Maybe it was due to my crappy week. This is a lovely picture of what my week started out with.
I have these 2 boys who are now dubbed the vadalosers. These pics are just two of the many places that black spray paint ended up in my brand new house.

There were many other places, but I have gotten rid of most of it now. These lovely boys of mine did this at 10 o'clock last sunday night. I was in my sewing room trying to meditate, and also thinking of how quiet my house was with all the children in bed. Then my husband who was out with the horses came in and asked me if I had seen my boys or my house. No, I said.

He proceded with the grand tour of my newly painted walls, carpet, beds, dresser, countertop, cabinet and 3 (yes I said 3) pairs of my SHOES!!!! Also some of my jewelry. These very lovely children had gotten themselves into the bathtub. They were also covered in paint, hence the black handprints. Well, to keep me from prison, my husband ushered me away from them, and he scrubbed their little vandaloser bodies with paint thinner.

So all of my week has been spent in severe punishment. Not only of the boys, but of coarse it is punishment for me since I have to watch their every move, and make sure they are scrubbing every inch of the floor, which they have done twice this week.

You would never have guessed that these two would be little vandals. Would You?