Thursday, June 19, 2008

Holy Crap!!!!!!

I really think that the , Could you go to the doctor one more time, fairy has been hovering over my house. I really wish she would leave. I am out of co-pay money. Thank goodness for our Health Insurance. It costs us an arm and a leg, no pun intended, but its a good thing we have had it. First off my monkey #1 had a terrible allergic reaction to some weeds and his eyeball swelled up rediculously huge. Not only was the outside of his eye looking like someone had punched him, but the white of his eye was swollen over the colored part of his eye. I rushed him over to the instacare, which is just a clinic that is open later, and the doctor there just did a lot of freaking me out. He took one look in his eye and said "you need to go to the ER immediately" Then he leaves the room, gets on the phone with an ER doctor and says that he thinks his ey6e might burst. I am in the other room but can hear him and I am thinking HOLY CRAP!! So they gave him a shot of Benedryl and sent me to the ER. They rushed us right back and then ended up just giving me a perscription for eye drops. What a waste of energy.

So that was on a Saturday, we actually went a whole week before my DH, The bearded Lady, came home from his team roping event. He walked in the house very slowly and me, being the nice wife that I am, just began laughing. I know I am insensitive. Turns out he had fallen off of his horse in the midst of throwing the winning catch. I guess he was more like pulled off. I will not try to explain the ins and outs of team roping. Just try to imagine a big Cowboy guy being pulled off his horse, with his rope around a cow, and he was holding on to the rope.

Well , he went to the doctor and has 3 cracked ribs. I did feel a little sorry for him after that, but not too much. He is a man after all. And this is a recreational activity.

Lets see that was on Saturday, So now lets move on to Tuesday night. I know you are thinking this will never end. Sorry!

Tuesday night I was doing my motherly duty of trying to get Monkey #3 to eat his dinner. Of coarse, nothing was working. I had told the kids that if they ate their dinner I would take them to get snowcones. So we were getting ready to leave. Monkey #3 was not taking the bait, and still refused to eat. I'm not sure what happened next but it ended with Monkey #3 on the floor with a barstool on top of him. My barstools are no ordinary stools.

They are made from wrought iron and wood. They are really sturdy, but those monkeys can climb up anything and knock it over I guess. Well, Monkey #3 whom we will now call Tonto the indian brave, ended up scalping himself. No, I am not exaggerating. After another trip to the ER Tonto has more stitches than can be counted. He was literally scalped.

He has stitches under his scalp halfway back on his head and then a lovel row of them across the front. I bet the doctor stitched for at least an hour.

It is now my job to get that fairy out of here. I have had enough of the ER for a lifetime.


Lola said...

Don't send her to my house!!!

Is that marker on the wall above the bearded lady??

Bonny said...

holy crap is right! I'm freaking out! those stitches look nast! Stay away from me...we don't have health insurance at the moment.

Ringmaster said...

Of coarse that is marker. That is what is in style now. Marker and spray paint.

Hey It's Di said...

Be careful when you get the fairy out. I've heard she has a mean kick and you may just end up in the ER yourself!

yeah ditto! Don't send her my way. I paid at the office:)

Molly said...

I take Junior in for his 18 month check and he has an issue with his you know what since it has a fat sack on it. Not good. I won't post the details online.

Bonnie the Boss said...

Holy Moly!!You poor woman,(yes the pun was intended.) I am so sorry for all your stress.
First the stupid doctor in the emergency room. Then your hubby's extracurricular activities. Last tbut not least the amount of blood you probably had to deal with when Tonto scalped himself. Heads bleed like crazy, a cut that big was I am sure insane!!!!

Busty LaRue said...

oh my gosh! You have had a bad run with that fairy! Please don't send her to my house. Your poor little monkey's head does not look happy. I hope everyone feels better soon!