Monday, November 17, 2008


I've been tagged. Actually i've been tagged twice and I have been so busy I haven't had time to post. The Second tag was "Your 4th picture in your 4th file"

This is Cooper, Kiran, and Kellen having a popsicle after some serious water sliding. It was actually my second picture in this file because there were only two. It makes me want the warm weather back. I want to tag Molly, Abbey, and Bonny.

The first tag I got was called 8 things.

8 TV shows I like

1. House

2.Criminal Minds

3.CSI (just the original)


5.Amazing Race



8.Anything that is not UFC or Spongebob

8 things that happened yesterday

1.I got out of bed

2.I made a baby quilt for my friend Kristy

3.We went to church

4.I actually got Cooper to go to Nursery

5.I tried to stay awake in Relief Society

6. I did not have a Pepsi

7. I did not have to cook dinner, it was my aunts turn.

8. I got another bad headache.

8 favorite places to eat

1.Texas Roadhouse



4.Pizza Factory

5.Mi Rancherito

6.Ruby River

7.Sensuous Sandwich

8.Rumbi Grill

8 things i'm looking forward to

1.Having all the quilts in my sewing room done. HA! HA!



4.Having trees in my yard

5.Making a headboard for my bed

6. Yes, Christmas, I love to give gifts

7. Seeing my newest neice next weekend

8.Sleeping tonight (hopefully without a headache)

8 things on my wish list

1.Getting my kids to pick up without yelling

2.My husband to help me with our ward Xmas party

3.Getting out of debt

4. Finishing my basement

5.A new suburban

6.No more headaches

7.My dog Jersey to have puppies

8. A whole day to sew without interuption.

8 People I tag

Lola, Angel, Lynsey, Diana, Rachel, Heidi, Abbey, and Joanna.


Bonnie the Boss said...

I thought you had dropped off the planet!! Good to hear things are normal.

Rachel Wilkinson said...

YAY a post! I take it I'm the Rachel you tagged?
I had no idea you were a Monk watcher too! Love it, makes me feel not so bad about my OCD!

abbie higginson said...

Okay, I just read through your whole blog and LOVED it! I have known you and your family for how many years now??? But now I have a greater understanding as to why your blog name is, I live at the Circus! Loved the entry about the boys spray painting the house and everything but the kitchen sink...I remember that happening! Someone had told me about it. Maybe it was you who told me but I didn't remember all the details. Too funny! Funny for me at least! Thanks for the laughs tonight!

Bonnie the Boss said...

RU dead? i miss you. I have changed my blog address to portectmy kids. This comment should take you to the right place.

Princess said...

Oh Ringmaster, where are you? Have those little monkeys tied you up somewhere? Do you need help?.....:) For real though you need to post! Can't wait to get my hair done so we can catch up! See you this week!