Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Better Day

This has been a much better week. First off i got a pedicure (which every mom of 3 monkey boys needs). Just look at these cute toes!! Too bad that soon they will be covered with some funky socks!!! Then I got some new nails. I admit I am totally addicted to my fingernails. I haven't been without them for some 13 years or so. I really need them. I use them all the time. I think I should be able to write them off (what do you think Di) because I use them at work all the time, in fact I am a lot better at my job when I have them all.
Then I got me this new stylin hair-do

Then to top it all off this beatiful piano arrived today. My Grandma gave it to me and we got the piano movers hired and here she is. I am so excited about it. It really needs a good tune job, but it is beautiful to me. I am sure it is some kind of an antique, it used to have a player in it you know.
Then another wonderful thing happened. Coldplay(they are a band for you losers that don't know) came out with 2 new songs and I ran home and loaded them into my itunes right away. If I can figure it out I am going to put them on here, so you can all listen to the wonderful tunes.


Rachel Wilkinson said...

ooh, cute toes and nails and hair and piano! I have such fond memories of that piano! I remember when grandma would set the timer(on the oven) for me to practice and when I knew she was out of the kitchen I would yell, Bathroom Break, and run quietly up to the oven...well I'm sure you get it! Grandma's house won't be the same with out it :( but if you ever are getting rid of it I get it!!!

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

No puppies yet I am starting to think that she is just hitting puberty and got her boobs she is like a 15 year old teenager. I will be totally suprised to see puppies anytime soon. Cute Hair. I need a hair cut really bad (its been over a year since I have had one) and My stubs for fingers hurt because I cant stop bitting them

Hey It's Di said...

Gosh! This isn't my best week ever. I've been stuck in this *BEEP* hole we call a floral for DAYS! sigh:( Nobody is gonna wanna touch my toes or fingers!!

Abbey said...

Cute toes!!! And cute hair. I need my hair done. I am glad that you are having a better week. I want a copy of your menus too and all of the recipes. Could you just come here and cook for me?