Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Remember that boy...

  • Remember this boy..... Oh, yes its that Monkey #1 again. This is the conversation we had tonight.
    Me: Hey bud how was your soccer game?

    Him: Great!

    Me: Did you win?

    Him: It was a Metaphor!

    Me: (very puzzled) What?

    Him: you know mom a METAPHOR.

    Me: No, i guess I don't .

    Him: Metaphor means tie mom, you know, it was 1 to 1.

    Monkey #2: (he was observing all of this) "Yeah mom didn't you know that

    Me: Oh yeah I guess I forgot


Angela said...

I spent 10 years in college and never heard metaphor used that way...I think you are okay!!

Hey It's Di said...

Gosh Mom! Don't you know what a metaphor is? I always use it in a sentence that way too!! It's so much easier than saying "tie" anyday:)

Abbey said...

I'm dumb and I had to go ask Josh what a metaphor is. I like Monkey #1's definition better!