Friday, April 18, 2008

What a Day

Yesterday was a very eventful day. First, off Monkey 2 turned the ripe old age of 6. Second, we decided to go to the zoo with 8 children. Third, i had a few projects that needed to be done by today. So, here we are at the zoo. Standing by the elephant statue. The zoo has made a few improvements since i was there last. New elephant home, a tiger habitat, and a baby giraffe.
We of coarse had to pose by every golden statue we could find.
Here we are on the train. Our auntie is taking a picture right back at us.
Now, we can get to the good stuff. Here is a quilt i just finished. It was a baby gift for my nephew Junior(who is now 16 months old) I finally got it done and bound and gave it to him yesterday. This was so fun to make! It is a stack and whack from buggy barn.
I found this kitty pattern on Amy Butlers website. It is a free download. Twinkle Toes has a Birthday Party to go to tonight. So last night we whipped up this cutie.

Isn't he cute!!
Then I am meeting with one of my friends for lunch today. Her bday was on the 9th. So I made her this swing bag from amy butler. It turned out way cuter than the one I made for me. Hope she likes it.
So yesterday was very eventful. I actually accomplished some things though. Which for me is a big deal. I am the queen of procrastination. Like right now when I should be getting ready for work. But, my brain says I still have 5 minutes so why hurry.


Molly said...

looks like you were up late. Thanks for the trip to the zoo. The kids had fun, and are sunburned

Abbey said...

wow...Monster got that same quilt right after he was born. You really are a procrastinator!!! HAHA!! Sounds like Monkey in the Middle had a great birthday.
I'm glad your blog is not wacko anymore!

Neil said...

I think you sound like SUPERMOM!! You really made some great things and at the spur of the moment. They are darling. MUM

Lola said...

I LOVE the KITTY!!! Yeah!! I think I must make me some a' those!!!

Molly said...

Yeah I just had to comment again becuase the kitty is so cute, and Pinkie must have one someday. When I get to that. How do you stay up so late with out messing up your projects?

Busty LaRue said...

OH MY GOSH! You made the cutest things ever!! And to just "whip them together" as you are awesome!

Rachel Wilkinson said...

FUN, I want to take Brecken and Gracen to the Zoo! I know Brecken would love it, all his favorite books have animals in them...sadly we live so far from the zoo that we sometimes just go to the pet store, LOL!!!

Bonny said...

the kitty turned out awesome! I've been wondering about that pattern on her site. I hope it was received well. The quilt and bag are great too. I wish we could have come to the zoo! Hope to see you soon!

Bonnie said...

You are very talented. Way cute.