Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veterans Day

Remember this cute boy! He is hilarious! I mean he says the most off the wall things. He recently had an IQ test at school. The school psychologist was amazed. IQ test are made up of several different parts. He was normal in all parts except for the section on Perceptual Reasoning. In this section he scored in the Superior rating. Now this did not suprise me in the least. He has always been very good at reasoning out of things. Not in normal ways either. His teacher told me that he can answer a math problem correctly, but that when you ask him how he got his answer his reply would be "I dont know but don't you worry the answer is right" and it always is. Well anyway, yesterday he went outside before school, came right back in and declared to me that the kids did not have school today because there was a flag in our yard.(The boy scouts put them there on National Holidays) He also told me that it was Vetratarians day! Well, I was amazed I had no idea we had a holiday for Vetranarians who were in the war and didn't eat meat!
Later on that day, he had to call my dad and see if grandpa would help him out at the pinewood derby. He asked him, and my dad said yes. Then Reese said " oh and grandpa one more thing. You know that truck with the camper on it that you have for sale. I was thinking maybe you could save it for me. Then in a few years when I can drive I could have it." I have no idea what my dad said but I almost bust out laughing. What nine year old is worried about what to drive. And would want to drive a 1970 something truck with a camper on the back. Only my Reese.
On another note, this morning my dog Diego came scampering in the Kitchen with something around him. I am always telling my daughter Kenadee to pick up her hair accesories. Well, I guess Diego has taken it upon himself to help her out. Yes, folks that is a headband wrapped around his middle. I have no idea how he managed that but Kenadee should be very happy with him!!


Abbey said...

You are putting my blog to shame! Its time for me to get blogging I guess. You tell great stories....I love them!

Anonymous said...

His is so funny! I just love to hear the stories... sounds oh so familiar.