Tuesday, July 13, 2010


About ten days ago My dads dog Gus and our dog Kate became the proud parents of 7 yes 7! Llewellin Setter puppies. Oh man are they cute. They are a little bit of a rare breed. You see my maiden name is Llewllyn. It is Welsch. These Setters are the only true breed of setters left in the world. We actually purchased ours from a very good kennel in Arkansas, and had them flown here as puppies. So here are some pics of the dad, he is the one in the kennel. The mom, she is the one my dad has a hold of. And of the cute little 7 dwarfs. In a few days I will post a few pics when their eyes get open. We love our Llewellin Setters. They are the best family/hunting dogs you could ask for. They are very loving and loyal.



Bonnie the Boss said...

I LOVE puppies, dogs, not so much but puppies are the best!!

Tiffany said...

OH, cute cute puppies! I love puppies!